AAU Observes World Philosophy Day

Prof. Tassew W/Hanna, AAU President, in his remark noted that a philosophical foundation is important to understand the fundamental questions of existence, knowledge and ethics so as to have profound base of our knowledge.

Moreover, said, the president, an approach that is philosophically thought dispels certain myths about education itself and enables us to adapt a realistic and philosophical approach to education.

Prof. Workneh Kelbessa, Chairperson of the Department of Philosophy of the AAU, on his part notifies that Philosophy Department has the objective of producing individuals who are truly empowered and able to fulfill advanced social, economic, cultural and political functions within Ethiopian society.

“Philosophy can contribute a lot to solve the problems of developing nations. All stakeholders should recognize the fact that the teaching of philosophy can help students to better understand the world and promote tolerance and peace.

The major vision of the department, said Prof. Workneh, is to establish a unique research, undergraduate and graduate studies program built on the strength and interest of its faculty members and students with the objective of making a real contribution to the university and the society at large. “It aspires to be a leading academic unit in philosophical education, research, and service rooted in the unique reality and perspectives of Ethiopia and Africa,” added the Prof.

As part of its endeavor to consolidate solidarity in diversity, the department also organized a campus wide student essay competition on ‘How Can We Best Manage Diversities for Peaceful Co-Existence in Ethiopia.’

Philosophy Department of Addis Ababa University has been celebrating Philosophy Day since 2003.

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