Ethiopia Is One Of The Horn Of Africa And Anicient Country


Western Ethiopia is an underpublicized wildlife-lover’s paradise, where colobus monkeys swing though roadside trees, elephants and buffalos lurk in forest glades, and an alluring bird checklist includes many forest endemics along with the spectacular shoebill and Egyptian plover. Nourished by a plentiful rainfall throughout the year, the loamy fertile soils of its lushly forested slopes are the natural home of the arabica coffee bean and the origin of the world’s favourite hot brew – which still remains the region’s main export crop.

The largest and most accessible of three UNESCO-recognised biosphere reserves in Ethiopia’s western highlands, the 7,600km2 Kafa Biosphere Reserve is the sole home of many coffee varieties which still grow wild in the regionbiosphere reserve’s main tourist centre is Bonga, a pleasant forest-fringed town which will soon open the Bonga International Coffee Museum, and has as a tourist office offering guided day and overnight walks to a stunning natural rock formation known God’s Bridge, and the Mother Coffee Tree, the world’s oldest living plant of its type.

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