Ethiopian Hearty And Positive Thoughts

You Will Change Your Mined When You Read All of those.

U have been gone for a Long time I thought u were never come in back so I moved on like u told me to and now u come back to my life like nothing ever happened wtf dude is this shit for real or are u just playing me like a socker game

As much as i wanna stab u in the heart and kill u I wanna hug u and kiss u and tell u how much I’ve missed u God its fucking confusing

One single normal text from u and I’m like right now I’m so fucking happy and confused and angry and so many things that words can’t express

I just wanna go somewhere far far away from here somewhere where nobody knows us just u and me alone leaving all the trashes here lets go to a place where every thing I possible to do let’s just be free and do all the things we want with out fear with out noticing any one just us I just wanna disappear from the peoples I know from my friends from my family from everyone who knows me I want to rewrite my life story again just like I want it to be

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