Itinerary Information of Coffee


Coffee can be traced back to the 10th century and the coffee forests of the Ethiopian plateau. The words Coffee and Café are actually derived from ‘Kaffa’ which is the area in the southwest region of Ethiopia where you will find many cultivated coffee farms as well as coffee growing wild in the highland forests. There is a popular legend about an Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi who observed the energetic prancing and dancing of his goats after they had nibbled the red berries of an unfamiliar tree. So Kaldi decided to try the berries himself and then became known ever after as the happiest goatherd of Abyssinia! Passing this knowledge about the energy berries on to a local monk, the monk decided to try drying and then boiling the berries to make a beverage. His fellow monks loved this tasty new drink, which also had the advantage of keeping them very alert. Knowledge of this new berry beverage then quickly spread as the little red bean transformed the drinking habits of the world! From Africa coffee spread quickly throughout the Middle East then to Europe and throughout the colonial empires of the time including Indonesia and the Americas … and the rest as they say is history!

This tour enables you to not only taste the coffee but to observe the entire “from Bean to Cup” process as well as enjoying the beauty of stunning lush coffee plantation forests, the varied Ethiopian countryside and beautiful waterfalls and lakes along the journey.

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