Love Message for you Boy/girl friend.

Send This Romantic Love Message For Your Better Friendship

Your soul is like outer space: so large and so mysterious. I believe that true love is a special connection of two souls and I really wish I could be the astronaut who would discover all the secrets you hide.

I’m here to heal all you wounds and make you happy. I won’t ever let you down or make you cry. Trust me. And if you ever want me to leave, I’ll leave. Because the only thing that matters is your well-being. Just know that.

Recently I’ve been thinking about my life and I’ve understood that all the good memories I have are about you. I remember every little thing and it makes me incredibly happy. You make me happy. Please, don’t ever stop.

It does not matter whether it is hot or cold outside or whether I have troubles at work or everything is fine, because you’ll always have a place in my heart. You can always count on me, because my love for you is ultimate and unconditional.

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