The government still can not prevent this from happening. And it is doing.

Ethiopia Was The Origion Of Peace And Security But Not Now

The failure of the rule of law is not only yesterday, but today. “Added” in shooting at Addis Ababa, legalized ?! Since the government’s reasoning is not enough, does not the young man get the blog ?! In Oromia, have not the government been killed in the massacre ?.

Linearity is the property of an element describing a linear relationship between cause and effct. It is a combination of both homogeneity (scaling) property and the additivity property. The homogeneity property requires that if input also called excitation is multiplied by a constant, then the output also called the response is multiplied by the same constant. The additivity property requires that the response to a sum of inputs is the sum of the responses to each input applied separately

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